YouTube videos to help new motorsport enthusiasts

Motorsport New Zealand has launched two instructional videos on YouTube, aimed at guiding beginners around the New Zealand rallying and racing scene.

The videos, called ‘Lets Go Rallying’ and ‘Lets Go Racing’, contain everything an aspiring driver needs to know about competing in motorsport, including advice on equipment, regulations, fitness, who to contact to get involved and many other useful tips.

Ian Snellgrove, Trust Manager of The Motorsport NZ Scholarship Trust, said the purpose of the videos is two-fold.

“Firstly, these videos will provide basic information to anyone - of any age - interested in starting in motorsport,” said Snellgrove.

“They are also useful for those going for licences, as they provide more information to help people get through a club sport licence.”

Snellgrove said there will be a third video released later in the year, providing advice for more advanced drivers.

Watch the videos on the links below: